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LAND & BRICKS (PRIVATE) LIMITED is an Islamabad-based Property Management Company engaged in sale/purchase of properties in Islamabad and Rawalpindi since 2021. LAND & BRICKS can be the best choice for those investors/end-users who want to get convinced through logical discourse before investing in real estate sector. The company is equally committed to address the plot/superstructure-related desires of end-users also.


Client-centric property management company

Focuses on availing the clients with hurdle-free properties in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar and build customized homes

Keeping abreast of real estate developments in the country in general and given cities in particular, only existential, legit and economically fathomable projects are recommended. Moreover, solid and elegant superstructures are raised to the delight of customers

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Helping people buy/sell properties and build houses since 2021

Our Commitment

Our Vision

Our vision is to reshape real estate sector where everyone becomes the beneficiary with a view to impart economic prosperity in the society without bypassing moral and religious values.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide hurdle-free properties in legit housing schemes to the clients for affording mental peace to them rather than contracting scourge for them.

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