Faisal Town Phase-2

Master Plan

Faisal Town Phase-2 Master Plan

Salient Features of a City-sized Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi/Islamabad


Do you have any clue about a complete city-sized housing project in Islamabad/Rawalpindi? A project which has surfaced initially with a Master Plan of 80,000 Kanals i.e. 10,000 Acres on Motorway-2 Thalian Interchange affording 4 accesses.

Which is merely 5 Kilometers away from Islamabad International Airport and which is directly linked with Motorway 2 and under-construction Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Whose developer, after having delivered 3 housing projects in near past has proven that he believes in timely and qualitative delivery of such projects to the tune of promised number of plots after purchasing on-ground and possession-able land instead of over-selling of plots in air.

To make the project environment-friendly, whose credible developer has allocated 50% area to mere 40-350 Feet wide streets, roads, boulevards and similarly 60-350 Feet wide ecological corridor, lake and resorts. Whereas in 40% area, given purchasing power of each strata residential plotting has been done. Remaining 10% area has been allocated for allied facilities. And in this 10% area of allied facilities, by incorporating 1322 commercial projects including exclusively designated Central Business District, 106 parts, 64 mosques, 49 schools/ colleges/ University/ Islamic Centre,2 hospitals, cricket stadium, football grounds, playgrounds, Expo Centre, community club and miscellaneous public facilities, a versatile and self-sufficient community infrastructure has been planned.

Where for low-income fellows, 32% of the residential area has been apportioned, where for apartment-lovers, more or less 79 apartment buildings have been orchestrated and for golf-savvy gentry, golf club has also been planned.

Due to popularity of performance of the developer, 70% residential area has already been sold out, you may become beneficiary of its allied facilities by getting your plot(s) booked through us in remaining 30% that is in its vitally important Overseas Block.

Yes! Faisal Town Phase-2 Rawalpindi is being talked about which is the largest housing project of Zedem International (Private) Limited. Let us provide you further detail;


After the successful delivery of 3 housing projects i.e. Faisal Town Phase-1 (located on Motorway-1 Tarnol-Fatehjang Interchange), Faisal Margalla City (sandwiched between Multi Gardens B-17 and Margalla Hills) and Faisal Hills located on GT Road across Margalla Hills, Faisal Town Phase-2 was brought to the fore at Motorway-2 Thalian Interchange as the largest project of Zedem International (Private) Limited. Owing to the credibility of the developer, in October 2022, 70 % of the project’s residential part was sold in record time of a week or so. In November 2023, its Overseas Block also kickstarted which forms almost 30% of the residential plots of entire Faisal Town Phase-2. Its booking is continued to date. The said percentage of residential plots is calculated basing on its Master Plan which is under process with the concerned institutions for seeking No Objection Certificate. It is pertinent to mention that all 4 projects are under jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Development Authority.


From Western or Eastern sides between Motorway-2 and Chakri Road where as from Northern and Southern sides this is sandwiched between Rawalpindi Ring Road and Chahan Dam.

Accesses/Location (Click to view)

Besides, Motorway-2 Thalian Interchange this is linked with Rawalpindi Ring Road Thalian Interchange and Rawalpindi Ring Road Chakri Interchange and its yet another access is expected with Motorway-2 Capital Smart City through Capital Smart City.


Visitors hailing from other cities Via Motorway-1 and 2 can reach Faisal Town Phase-2 after having exited through Motorway-2 Thalian Interchange. Visitors coming from Islamabad 26 Number Chungi will travel distance of 17 Kilometers in 18 Minutes till Faisal Town Phase-2 via route Srinagar Highway-Motorway-2. Whereas, Visitors coming from Rawalpindi 22 Number Chungi will travel distance of 14 Kilometers in 25 Minutes via Chakri Road and will travel distance of 15 Kilometers in 34 Minutes via Girja Road till Faisal Town Phase-2.

Master Plan – Area Breakdown Vis-à-vis Plots and Allied Facilities

Faisal Town Phase-2

According to under process master plan of Faisal Town Phase 2 with relevant institutions, division of 80,000 Kanals vis-a-vis roads, plots and allied facilities is given below: –

For boulevards, roads, streets, ecological corridor, lake, and resorts: 38913 Kanals; for 66144 residential plots: 32193 Kanals; for 1322 commercial projects: 4861 Kanals; for 106 parks: 1113 Kanals; for 49 schools/colleges/university/Islamic Centre: 657 Kanals; for 79 apartment buildings: 572 Kanals; for stadium/playgrounds: 301 Kanals; for 64 mosques: 267 Kanals; for golf club: 234 Kanals; for green belts: 77 Kanals; for expo center: 76 Kanals; for 2 hospitals: 26 Kanals and for community club: 16 Kanals have been allocated.

Master Plan – Residential Plots Breakdown Vis-à-vis Plots Category

Faisal Town Phase-2

Breakdown of residential plots according to various plots’ sizes is given below: –

21538 plots of up to 5 Marla category (i.e. 32% of residential area), 17122 plots of 7 Marla category (i.e. 26% of residential area), 11843 plots of 10 Marla category (i.e. 18% of residential area), 5951 plots of 12 Marla category (i.e. 9% of residential area), 7035 plots of 1 Kanal category (i.e. 11% of residential area) and 2655 plots of 2 Kanal category (i.e. 4% of residential area).


Faisal Town Phase-2 entails 25-30 General Blocks and an Overseas Block. Balloting of its residential plots is planned on 12 May 2024. To be eligible for entering for balloting, members of its General Blocks have to complete payment of 6 quarterly instalments by 26 April 2024. 2 Site offices have already been established and earth work on acquired land is in progress.


Hopefully you have been adequately enlightened about this new city’s extensity and vitality. Thus, do not delay and be a member of this new enviable city by getting your plot(s) booked through us. We are at your service from booking of your plot till construction of your house. Wish you good luck!

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